The Eyebrow Feathering tattoo is a hair-simulation technique for beautifully natural looking eyebrows. This is achieved with delicate individual strokes which mimic real hairs are meticulously crafted, this is how we create a beautiful natural result.


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+ Look younger
+ Natural looking
+ Hassle free brows
+ Long lasting results
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Why two treatments ?

A picture is worth a thousand words, the photo's show before, 4 weeks after the first treatment and after the second. Two sessions gives longevity, density and fuller colour.

Do I keep my current eyebrow hair ?

Yes! If you have any natural eyebrows we delicately create individual strokes which mimic real hairs which are meticulously crafted in and around your brows, this creates a beautiful natural result.

Is it
permanent ?

The procedure is semi permanent lasting 15-18 months(conservative figure) gradually fading. With the majority of clients it lasts well over 24 months.

Does it hurt ?

No, clients describe it as a scratching sensation. To make sure you are comfortable through the treatment we use a numbing cream.

How does the consultation work ?

At the consultation we draw your eyebrow's shape that naturally suites your face. Once you are happy with the shape you can then choose to proceed.

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About US

We have helped hundreds of Women transform their appearance and increase their confidence through corrective tattooing techniques, some Women would like a more youthful look whilst others have lost their eyebrows due to over plucking or a medical condition. We will create the most natural look for you enhancing your facial features, video here or Info & Gallery here. Read reviews.

We at The Look Studio are passionate with helping Women of all ages look their best whilst reducing the hassle of shaping your eyebrows every morning. Eyebrow Feathering creates a completely natural appearance giving you confidence your eyebrows are always on point. We are Specialists in multiple Eyebrow Techniques including Eyebrow Feathering, Hair Stroke, 3D Brows and Eyebrow Miroblading.