+ No filling in each morning
+ Looks perfectly natural
+ No maintenance
+ Look younger
+ Long lasting

I feel and look great,
no pain, no rush, no redness.
Thanks again
— Ada
Why two sessions?

Photo's show before, 4 weeks after the first treatment and after the second. Two sessions gives longevity, density and fuller colour.

Is it

The procedure is semi permanent lasting 15-18 months(conservative figure) gradually fading. With the majority of clients it lasts well over 24 months.

Does it hurt?

No, clients describe it as a scratching sensation. To make sure you are comfortable through the treatment we use a numbing cream.

How does the consultation work?

You make a booking and meet Alex and she will draw your eyebrow shape first. Once you are happy with the shape Alex will proceed with treatment.

About Alex

Alex is passionate about helping people regain their confidence through corrective cosmetic tattooing techniques such as SMP, SPM, Eyebrow Feathering and Scar Camouflage. Some people would like a more youthful look and others have lost their eyebrows due to over-plucking or a medical condition. Alex will create the most natural look for you enhancing your facial features See here.

Alex has always been a creative soul, before founding The Look Studio Alex she worked as a makeup artist. Alex decided to join her passion for beauty with her skill of cosmetic tattooing and traveled Australia mastering the latest advancements in semi-permanent makeup including eyebrow feathering. She has helped hundreds of Men and Women transform their appearance.